Friday, January 18, 2013

Lolita 52 week challenge: week 3

Its week 3 and the challenge is:  What my own Lolita lifestyle is like

Well this is rather difficult. I do not necessarily live out life in lolita, more out of necessity than choice. Shoot, I would love to be able to dress in lolita everyday. Go to work in lolita. Go shopping in lolita. Bake in lolita. But the truth is that its just not feasible, given my career.

Lolita on the beach. Needs to happen more often

Even so, I had managed to carve out some sort of lifestyle for a while. Much of it revolved about getting dressed up and going out to lunch or having tea time in Charleston with a good friend, Paulina. You may remember her from the blog post "When the Impossible becomes Possible". She was the one who encouraged me to start partaking in tea time, something I never really did outside of organized lolita meets. We would get together, all dressed up, and lay out biscuit and treats to eat with our tea. She had no shortage of flavors, even though those flavors evade me now.

You do not see us in the picture. But this was Paulina and I's first trip to a cafe called Saffron. Well, my first trip anyways. She'd been here plenty. Horrendous service. But excellent desserts.

When I went out of town, it was usually to attend lolita meets. I was pretty crazy. I would drive hundreds of miles just to come out to lolita meets. At first, it was a bit inconvenient. I would drive up in the morning, attend the meet, enjoy it, and then drive home. Most trips averaged 3 hrs one way, resulting in 6 hr of driving. In addition, most of my trips started from my base. So I couldn't exactly waltz around base in a dress. I instead would usually change in my car at a rest stop once I began nearing the city that the meet was in. Once again, all inconvenient. But eventually I became good friends with several lolitas in several different cities. And I eventually got to move off base. So I could now get dressed up in Charleston, drive to the meet, enjoy it, and if I did not want to drive home, could crash for the night.

Yea. Not the safest thing to do. But clearly I survived.

And there you have it. That is my lolita lifestyle in a nutshell. But there is always room for improvement and change. My recent move to Hawaii means that I may have to alter my lifestyle. But I will not know until the time comes.

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