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Guest blog: Ivie Loli

Hello hello! Welcome to the official first post of 2013. And with a new year come new starts. With Random Ramblings slowly but surely becoming a purely lolita blog, I wanted to start something new to help inspire fresh writing and fresh reading: Asking other brolitas to write an article or two for my blog. It could be about anything. Personal history. Favorite dresses. Con experiences. Transformation articles.

What this will do is start giving even more insight into brolitas not just from a single source but multiple sources and various perspectives. Because lets be honest: As much as some people want it to be, I do not represent all brolitas. Heck I probably represent 10% of what it means to be a brolita. So hopefully, we can start covering the other 90% that I have missed. 

So without further delay, I introduce my first guest writer: Ivie Loli

Ivie and I in all our frilly glory
Ivie was a brolita who I met through my blog, when she left a comment on one of my post. A quick facebook exchange and we became FB friends. But it wasn't until my trip to Orlando a few months later that I met Ivie in person, who was still working on putting together her closet. Since then, we have stayed in contact and in December 2012, I went back down to see Ivie and get some picture together :)

My name is Ivie and I am a brolita. Being a newer brolita I found Sema and attacked him for tips and advice. So when he asked me to do a little post for his blog i could not turn him down because he has done so much for me.   

I love lolita because it is a expression of femininity to me. I picked the styles Sweet and Hime because of that. Though everyone says i look better in blacks I personally want to do the over the top frilly pink dresses the most. Those help me express what i want to express. The Central Florida Lolita Society has been very nice and supportive though there have been hiccups along the way. Sometimes people do not agree with or understand me.

I love humor! I love to crack jokes and have fun. It is also my defense mechanism when I'm scared. One of my darker secretes is that i enjoy the ignorance of the outside public. When at a con or event in lolita people who have no idea what it is will think its just a costume so i get judged less or get less odd looks from the end of "OMG THAT IS A BOY IN A DRESS" and more "WTF IS THAT PINK BALL OF FRILLS DOING?!" you know the same looks most of us get when out and about.

The lovely Ivie Loli

I was raised by a single mother. I didn't have a father figure till i was about 14. Still the one I had didn't do anything with me, so its like he wasn't there. Until that time my mother and I had lived with roommates in different houses and apartments. Always women only. I was probably the only one in the house with my gender. At a young age I had a type of gender envy. I always loved seeing how pretty the girls could be and kind of wished it was me. My first cross dressing exposure was when one of the room mates daughters dressed me up when she was babysitting her little sister and myself. I had a blast! Something about that moment always stuck with me. After that i didn't even think about doing it till much later.
 My mother was not religious in the sense that she went to church every week. Or even once a year. She (and i) believe that you should just be a good person. That the bible is more guidelines then STRICT RULES. So i cant say her hate for my cross dressing in my high school days were centered around religion. She is just old fashioned. I will spare you the story but one day she caught me in half dress (from things I had picked up over Halloween and shopping at thrift shops) and i got quite a talking to. This was around i would say 10th grade. I stopped dressing and expressing my "female side" as i called it for a few years but something was always nagging at me to get back into it. I was happy when i was dressed up. I just.. felt.. right.. Its very hard to explain. It's like a need, and it just builds and builds till you vent it.
 So here I have this problem of wanting to dress but not being able to without spending tons of money to rent hotels and such, just so I can dress up and go out to eat alone or something. December 16, 2011 is a day I wont forget because it was the first exposure I got to lolita. I talked to a girl in a classic outfit and that was the start of my adventures into frills. I did a lot of reading about styles, sub types and all that jazz. Then i started to look for tutorials on youtube. That is how i found Vanessa Lopa's channel. I messaged her on youtube and we started to talk. From there once i found out about brolitas. I googled that and found Sema's little place here and well that is all she wrote about my past.

Ivie Loli's GLW customer coord

So there you have it! Why i am a brolita, my back story and some stuff about me. Lolita is amazing because I dream of being the princess i cant be by birth and lolita lets me do that. If Sema lets me do more posts as time goes on you might see more of me. I'm too lazy to my own blog, so who knows. Frilly wishes to everyone and have a great 2013!

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