Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in the rearview mirror

So its official. The books are now closed on 2012. With all 365 days now accounted for, I look back on 2012 and the year I had.

Best month: September takes this one by default. But how fair was that? When you have both D*con and AWA, its hard to match against that.

Its Totoro. How much more perfect could this picture be?

Runner up: August. Technically, D*con DID start in August. And Otakon was in August too. To be honest, August-September was probably one of the best 2 month spans in my life. 

Worst month: June. It was a slow month of 12 hr days and really no meetups. In addition, I had 2 roommates. 1 of them turned out to be a real doucher who couldn't follow simple directions. And they lied. A lot. But thanks to them, I find it infinitely easier to say no to everyone.

Runner up: February. Missing the Carolina Valentine's day meet sucked. But 1 day was nothing compared to a month of misery.

Best weekend: Otakon weekend hands down. Getting to see Grace and her friend, meeting Shiki, and buying lots of H. Naoto stuff + just going to a con I had been wanting to go for years made Otakon an easy winner.

Runner up: Kind of a toss up between AWA, D*con, and Frill weekend. I'll have to hand it to Frill weekend though. A very fun weekend that saw communities converge and meet for the very first time.

NC and FL lolitas unite! Its too bad I couldn't get more FL lolitas in this pic.
Letdown month: October. I missed Jacksonville's Halloween parties for the first time in 3 year. It was made all the worse when I found out what I really missed out on because I had to work :/

Favorite meetup: Probably had to be my return to Orlando for one of their movie meetups way back in May. I had a loli friend and her bf join me to eat sushi, watch a movie, and eat frozen yogurt. .

The Central Florida Lolita Society enjoying frozen yogurt.

Surprise of the year: Doing photoshoots. I never imagined ever doing a pose and shoot type deal. Just kind of happened at Ichibancon though. Decided to set up my first one at AWA and I haven't looked back since.

From my most recent photoshoot, done by the lovely Jas Meow of Lillith Scream photography: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lilith-Scream-Photography/410647565759

Letdown of the year: AWA 2012. This is not to say I did not have fun. But I virtually missed ALL of Friday and even though I got to walk in the Frill fashion show, it cost me half of Saturday. This pretty much left me little time to see people and when I did see them, I felt out of the loop. I did get my first official photoshoot, followed up by a 2nd improptu photoshoot by Jas Meow. It just wasn't enough though.

Official debut of the Aqua Princess: Defending her seas and the creatures that inhabit it.
2012 overview: Extraodinary fun year. I upheld most of my resolutions. I remained positive, even in the bad. I maintained just around 140 lbs. Met lots of new friends. And even embraced my deepest and darkest desires. Overall, I think 2013 has its work cut out for it. And it could be years, 2016 when I return to SC, before any year matches with 2012.

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  1. I'm glad to read that you had a good year! I hope 2013 is great for you. It was so nice meeting you this year and I hope to see you again soon at another meet!