Monday, January 14, 2013

Lolita 52 week challenge: week 2

Its week 2 and this week's topic is:  5 movies for Lolitas

Now I have be honest. I do not necessarily see movies and music as for specifically lolitas. In the end, what we watch and like is based on who we are, not what we wear. Still, considering the topic I will give it a shot. 

Note: I left off some of the very obvious ones, especially movies with lolitas in them. Just seemed unfair to waste space on movies that most lolitas want, have, or will see at some point in the future.

1. Bandslam

Very cute movie. Came out in 2009 as a gem in the rough. How rough you ask? I went to go watch the movie on opening day and I was the ONLY person in that theater. But the movie itself was excellent. Though it had a bit of a cliche plot, it had strong main and support characters who helped to carry the movie. Most of all, the movie is very family friendly and hardly relied on alcohol, drugs, or swear words to make a splash.

2. UP

I had my doubts about this movie. And when I first saw it, I disliked it. I don't actually know why I did cause the 2nd time I saw it, I loved it. It really was one of those movies that I came to love more and more. The movie does an excellent job of developing all the characters but most especially the one with the least amount of screen time.

3. Tangled

Its a Disney Princess movie. I know, I know. Some of you are probably saying "How about Princess and the Frog?" Well, the unfortunate truth is that I have not seen that movie yet. Maybe in due time, I will get around to it. Till then, I stand by Tangled.

4. Alice in Wonderland

Really? Is there any explanation required? Though one could argue that you could watch any one of the other multitudes of Alice movies or series out there.

5. Totoro

What's a movie list without anime? Totoro is a good choice though realistically, you could pick any of the Miyazaki movies and have a good time with it.

And those are my top 5 movies that lolitas should watch. It was hard picking em all. There are SO many movies and only so many spots. Some honorable mentions included Mean Girls, Despicable Me, Cars, Toy Story 3, and How to Train your Dragon. Of course, do not consider this an end all to anything. As I mentioned at top, movies are based on what you like, not by what you wear.

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