Thursday, November 29, 2012

Revisiting Brolita basics: Transformation

Over a year ago, I started a series of articles called the Brolita Basics. They were a series of writings I put together using my experience to help other brolitas and even other lolitas get an idea of how to get around starting their young lolita lives. Over time I compiled several articles that have probably been the most popular articles to read on my blog.

One of those articles was a transformation post. But it was not a complete transformation, merely showcasing the start and end. And there were plenty of pointers. But I figured it was time to do a start to finish with a step by step of how I go from normal looking me to lolita looking me.

Lolita transformations can take a while and for a guy (and even gals), it can be confusing as to how one should do it. Should I put on my makeup first? Maybe the outfit first? When does my wig come on? O wait, a corset goes on before my shoes? O crap -_-.... It may not be rocket science but for some, it might as well be. Well look no further, here I am to show you how I do it.Using what I have learned and trial-and-error I put together a general procedure I run through to accomplish the transformation.

Come on through and follow along!

Monday, November 12, 2012


On October 21st, 2012, I sacrificed sleep and beauty to take part in a little walk in the heart of Charleston, SC.

Looking at the past and towards the future

 They say that you should never regret the decisions you make in life. After all, they make you who you are. But sometimes I look back and wonder, would my life have been so much different if I had changed this aspect of my life? Sometimes, change really might have made life better.