Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brolita life, part 1: Where It All Began

I have always enjoyed sharing the history of how I became a lolita. And mine started the same way that many others started: Coming across a picture of Mana and falling in love with what he was wearing.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

week 3 NFL observations

Listening to the Buccaneers radio broadcast during the game is funny XD

But on a serious note: How about them Falcons? Those 6 picks they traded to the Browns isn't looking like such a good idea *not that it was to begin with*

Those Chargers.... really know how to pull defeat from the jaws of victory. They play a Chiefs team that generated  a whopping 40 yards of offense in the first half and essentially played with little offensive punch. Yet the Chiefs were in that game till the very end.

Are the Bills for real? They might be. 3-0 and coming off a win against the Patriots. That's huge. They might be this year's surprise team.

It seems Philly's dream team isn't so dreamy after all. Back to back weeks, they give up 25+ points.

The Raiders seem to have borrowed a page out of the Jaguars 2007 playoff season: Run, run, run, and make sure your QB doesn't turn over the ball. So far, they seem to be doing it to perfection. Their reward: 2-1, with their lone loss coming from the Bills and their 3-0 season.

All those years of NFL doormat may finally be over for the Detroit Lions and today they demonstrated why: Down 20-0 at half, they came back to win 26-23. At 3-0 the Lions may finally have a chance to be a legitimate contender for the playoffs.

A return to the world of blogging

You heard right. I am establishing a blog to help express the random ramblings that I feel must be put down somewhere.

Random ramblings? What exactly do I mean by that? Well its just as it sounds: blogging about any sort of topic that I happen to be enjoying that day. That topic can be lolita, football, gaming, movies...

Yes, no one topic will be overly represented. This will help keep the staleness at bay and hopefully allow me to not get bored and stop blogging :3