Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brolita life, part 1: Where It All Began

I have always enjoyed sharing the history of how I became a lolita. And mine started the same way that many others started: Coming across a picture of Mana and falling in love with what he was wearing.

But all this can be traced back to the days I was still a wee little lad. You see, when I was about 7 or 8 my mom put me in my sister's dress *dark green velvet dress... that's how well I remember this dress*. I don't remember why we did it but I remember showing my dad. Needless to say, it was not well received. But the seed had been planted.

Fast forward 5 years. The seed is sprouting. Its Halloween 2000. As a last minute costume idea, I ask my friend if I can borrow her school girl uniform and dress up as a school girl. She agrees. I unfortunately have no pics of this but it was a great night. I was breaking wide open barriers I didn't even knew existed at the time. But I knew I enjoyed it.

High school continued my progress as a cross dresser. In addition to using Halloween to fulfill my cross dressing desires, our high school had what we called opposite day as part of its spirit week. Needless to say I went all out on this. I enjoyed walking around in the school girl uniform that I had once again borrowed from my friends who went to the catholic high school in my city. My hair was always done up in pigtails or french braids and every year, my boobs seem to get bigger as I got more daring ;)

 Once I entered college *2006*, that seed that had been planted 6 years ago was growing faster than ever*. I stop being the closet cross-dresser I had been. Stocked with my favorite broom skirts, I confidently wore skirts to class more and more often. In fact I couldn't get enough of my broom skirts and began wearing these skirts elsewhere, including the mall, the beach, and even to church *la gasp?*
I couldn't help it. I was irrevocably in love with skirts.

But even love can wane. As they years passed by, I found it harder and harder to maintain the same intensity level for crossdressing. Part of the issue stemmed from the sheer difficulty in obtaining skirts that didn't already look like everything else you owned. This in turn led to a staleness in variety. In an effort to rekindle the fire, I began looking for inspiration on google images.

And that's when I found an image of Mana. On that day, a day in May 2009, my life changed.

Part 2 tomorrow :3


  1. I've been meaning to comment on this for a few days now! :O Sorry for commenting late. :/

    I've never really heard how you got into lolita, so I loved reading this first part. :D I'm glad that you kept wearing skirts out of a want to do so; I'm actually still practicing self-confidence, particularly in regards to lolita, and it's very inspiring for you to keep what you like -- it helps me to feel more confident, too.

    We had a cross-dressing day for Spirit Week in high school, too! :D It was kind of stomach wrenching, the fact that parents started getting paranoid about it; the cross-dressing day of Spirit Week was replaced with something else -- I can't remember what -- during the time I was in high school. >:(

    I love dressing like a boy -- wearing a wig and using makeup to get the color out of my face so I can look more boyish. :D I don't do it very often. Maybe I should try it for a lolita meet-up.

    Since your cross-dressing has evolved over the years, do you anticipate it evolving further in the future, like in the form of different fashion styles?

  2. :D you should definitely try out boystyle. Idk if we'd have enough people willing to try out a cross-theme meet though if it came down to it, I'd take up my new visual Kei stuff and don it XD

    As for evolution. Idk. Hopefully lolita is not the end of the line. And maybe in time I'll run into something new that will inspire me to change. At this time and near future though, I doubt that will happen. Lolita has a solid grasp on my closet and I doubt it'll let go anytime soon :P