Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brolita life, part 2: Taking the dive!

 As I mentioned before, my life changed forever when I ran across picture of Mana.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. But it wasn't him that amazed me. It was the clothes he was wearing that entranced me. Never before had I seen a style like it but I knew I had to find out. A week later, lolita was added to my fashion dictionary and a mere 3 months later, I decided to make my first lolita purchase from bodyline. Now unfortunately *or fortunately....depending on how we want to see it* I don't have many pics from my early days. In fact.... I have only one.

                                                    First meet. Tea party at a personal residence
O yea. My first outfit. Um. There really isn't much to say except at this time, I was not stuffing or using makeup. I was hoping my hair and my petite figure would carry the day, just as it had with my broom skirts. Overall, an ita outfit lacking in many things and just the first of many lumps I would take.

Of course I took this experience and worked on EVERYTHING to make it better. Trial and error over the next 4 months help lead to a vast improvement for my first out of city meet.

Orlando meetup, FEB 2010

Once again I was falling back on my hair and petite figure to pull through but compared to 4 months ago, I've not only begun to stuff *just rolled up socks* I had also begun to use makeup. Just the basics but they made all the difference :3

Soon after this meetup, it was time for me to go to basic. And I thought that was that. Lolita would be a 1 and done shindig and I'd be some manly man for however long I decided to hang out in the navy. Little did I know that was NOT to be the case.

It seems that even the Navy could keep the hunger of my crossdressing desires at bay for long and a mere 2 weeks after I left basic, I was ordering my dream bodyline dresses. They were of course the carousel jsk and alice jsk, both in sax. These two would respectively come to be known as my sister dresses, with the carousel easily winning the "favorites daughter" award.

   1st: taken in my house at some random day
2nd: Raleigh NC meet to go watch HP7, part 2

Even now, my lolita desires continue to grow stronger and stronger. I continue to exceed boundaries I previously thought I would never exceed.

Getting a brand dress? I obtained Meta's Chess Party jsk.

Savannah meet up, Meet and greet. Meta's Chess Party jsk.

Spending over $500 on any order? I spent well over $650 getting the Night Fairy Fantasia outfit.

Savannah lolita meetup, 18+ night. Night Fairy Fantasia outfit, missing headband :(

Wearing PINK???? Inspired at Metrocon, I bought an IW replica of Band of Forest animals in pink.

Charlotte lolita meetup, Ikea "shopping". IW Band of Forest animals, all pink coordinate.

And now you can join me as history is made: I spent $500 to obtain the cornerstones to my male lolita closet:

H. Naoto pants and jacket...thingy...

Knowing that sooner or later the male counterpart to my lolita closet was a necessity, I figured that future would be now. And what better way to start than with Visual Kei and H. Naoto.

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  1. There are times when I've seen different photos of you and thought, "It's really amazing how he's improved by leaps and bounds with lolita." It really is so impressive. :O

    I'm thinking that we first met online just several months after you first got into the fashion, so I think that might be another reason why I find it so impressive. :D