Monday, October 17, 2011

Jacksonville Jaguars, lolita dream lists, and upcoming closet additions

 More random blogging GO!

Ah. So week 6 of the NFL is wrapped up. And my beloved Jags are sitting at 1-5. Definitely not awesome. But I still believe that the organization is building a winner for future seasons and that it is only a matter of time before the Jags really gel and become competitive.

Christmas season is fast approaching. And with that, I have decided to begin making some lolita purchases again. I do not have pictures of them yet but I have so far bought a new petticoat from ITS, 2 pairs of shoes including some Bodyline boots and some white tea parties, and lastly the crown jewel so far: BtSSB Unico in Bloomland JSK in pink.

I must say I am VERY excited to get my new JSK, as it would allow for some more diversity in my sweets closet. In addition,Unico in Bloomland was formerly on my dream list. Formerly #3, its vacancy has opened up the doors for movement within my dream list.

Speakin of my lolita dream lists, I have several dresses I am aiming for. In order:

AP's Aqua Princess. This is easily my top wanted dress of the season. 

Formerly #1, This is a print I have been wanting to get for almost a year and half now. 
Now my #3 print, this is here more as a "Unable to obtain Aqua Princess so I will settle for the next best thing"
Sitting at #4 is Meta's Jewel Butterfly. In all my scouring of the eglcommsales, I have only come across this dress once. 

O how the mighty have fallen. Formerly a #1 dream print, SC has tumbled to #5 and will probably continue to fall due to several reasons, such as availability, price when it is available, and other nit picky things that make me not want to buy this above Aqua Princess. 

That is my top 5 dream list. After that, order does not matter as much so no need to mention them. 

Also I plan on posting some brolita how-to that you can show off to your male friends who are interested in the fashion and want some direction. So look out for that in the near future


  1. I am so excited to see your Unico jsk! Make sure to post plenty of pictures when you get it!

  2. Definitely will get plenty of pics ^_^