Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That one church in Kansas

Disclaimer: I support no religion. Nor do I have a particular dislike for any one of them. IMO a world w/o religion is better than a world with religion. 

So I was strolling along on my facebook news updates and I came across a most particular picture, compliments of Miss Haley Lurie

First off, props to this guy for using WBC's own weapon against them.

Second off, if you are not familiar with what you are seeing *surprising, given this church's radical reputation* sit back and pay attention. This is the Westboro Baptist Church. They are very extreme in their preachings and are about as anti-homo as you can get. But their worst deeds yet are their pickets of American soldier's funerals.

These guys *and gals* will hit the road and picket as many funerals as they can. One estimate had them at nearly 45,000 pickets.* Folks... if everyone in America got a buck every time these guys protested, we'd all be rich.* Their claim to fame of course starts with God. After all, anything is justified as long as you do it in your God's name. Anywho, they claim that God hates homosexuality *And Sweden. And democrats. And Republicans. And foreigners. And... well pretty much they think God hates the world*. And that God is punishing the US through war and dead bodies. And that if everything were as simple as flipping a switch, the wars would stop, evil would be banished, and we'd all go to Heaven.

 Evil would be banished eh? I have a problem with that. Actually, a problem with two fronts. Lets handle front 1:

Evil vs Good..... or is it?
I believe in the ~two sides of a coin~ logic. The basis is that there are two sides to an issue but neither side is particular good or evil. There are many people out there who feel that homosexuality is evil and a sin and that it must somehow be purged. Yet there are others who see this as perfectly fine and in fact many, like myself, support them in their drive to receive rights that they deserve. In both cases, both sides see themselves as the 'good' side that is acting in God's name though I personally just act in the name of human rights.

The eradication of evil:
Maybe I just read too many fantasy books where this has happened. But tell me what happens to good once evil, in theory, is purged from this world. W/o evil, good is only a ying w/o its yang *or w/e order those two are suppose to go in*. Mind blowing right? Lets put it into easier terms to see. Despite everyone's efforts to make sure everyone is a winner in the end, a winner can only exist if there is a loser. So if everyone is a winner, no one really wins. Somebody must lose so that others can win. Its just basic fundamentals of win-loss. For good to exist, evil too must be present lest good loses all meaning.

Anywho, back to the WBC. Due to the sheer amount of publicity on them, I'll let you youtube a video. Pick any one of em. Personally this one is my fav:

Its an 8 part series called the "Most Hated Family in America". But it doesn't just focus on what the WBC does and what everyone else does in response. It focuses on WHY these guys do it. Its very educational and in fact shows that the Phelps family, outside of picketing time, is actually very very quite normal. And if you had never known, they could have completely fooled you.

Unfortunately, these guys aren't looking to fool anyone. And when the WBC gets down to business they really get down to business. Check out what they did to their former daughter when she questioned what the church was doing.

To be disowned by your family for merely questioning views... Its an absolute disgrace. And its enough to make me feel sorry for her. She loves her fam so much that she still cries for them yet she is now one of us, the very people that the WBC claim are going to hell.


  1. I have one question: If these people hate America so much, why do they live here? Move already!

  2. Your question is silly and hypothetical. The church hates every country so regardless of where they live, their message will be the same. Hate the country you live in and bash em.

    In the end, I feel that everything they do is a publicity stunt. Just like every other extreme christian who feels the need to go to anime conventions or clubs or halloween nights to tell people a message they don't care about.

  3. These people are bunch of idiots. These people are as hateful as the propaganda they say.