Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming of a new chapter

So a saying I like to say a lot is that all good things must come to an end. But to every end, there is a beginning. And so it goes w/o saying that though my time here in Charleston is almost over, its time for me to make a new beginning in Hawaii.

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When I first arrived here in Charleston SC, it was something new. I'd never been out of Jacksonville for longer than a weekend at the most. State side anyways. I'd visited the Philippines for a couple weeks at a time. But that is another story for another time.

Arriving in Charleston SC, I was quick to judge. In fact for awhile, I thought Jacksonville was far superior to Charleston. But I only factored in things that interested me. I didn't see what my interest blinded me from: a beautiful city with so much to offer and see. I was blinded by the lack of a LARP group similar to the one I had left in Jax. I was blinded by the lack of a local lolita community. I was blinded to the absolute lack of any anime convention in SC period. And I let these things get to me before even giving SC a chance.

And that was probably my greatest mistake: Visiting Jacksonville as much as I did in my first year here. In the end I gained very little and lost a lot. Jacksonville showed me their true colors and it dawned on me that many of the old friendships could not stand the test of time. The LARP I so dearly liked turned their back and threw me under the bus. And anime conventions. Well that fixed itself when I just went far and wide to attend conventions. Then there was a local lolita community. I just wasn't lucky enough to meet them until it was almost too late.

Of course we all know how my 2nd and 3rd year in Charleston played out. I found several different lolita groups. I went to many of the major anime conventions on the East coast, including Otakon, Animazement, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and Dragoncon. O, and the awful-ness that was Metrocon 2011.

And now its time for me to move on. My time here in Charleston, SC is quickly coming to an end. Hawaii now calls my name and on Jan 7th, I will depart for the island paradise. Needless to say, I shouldn't have the Jacksonville issue once I am in Hawaii. But I will miss Charleston, SC and I am hoping to return in a couple years, whether it be permanent or for a 3 yr shore duty. Until then, stay tuned for updates of my time from Hawaii.


  1. Thanks for your friendship SJF. We (DragonConSilkRoadies) fell head over heels for you the first time we saw you and feel bad we didn't reach out to you previous to D*C & AWA. I personally feel your leaving is bittersweet. I trust you'll have a blast in Hawaii and I do hope you'll come back. You are a major inspiration for Lolita admirers in my immediate AABCE circle and Brolitas of the World moderator group. looking forward to this next adventure!

  2. Glad to hear that you'll be coming to Hawaii~ Although the balmy tropical weather makes wearing Lolita Fashion a bit uncomfortable at times...There are quite a few people who brave the heat and humidity and still come out fabulous~