Friday, October 26, 2012

When the impossible becomes possible

They say anything in life is possible. And I am inclined to not believe in that. At some point in life, things become impossible. Its possible to only run so fast. Its only possible to hold your breath so long. Its only so possible to please so many people in your life. Even good natured me has managed to piss people off and drive em bonkers.

But sometimes, the impossible becomes possible through the most unlikely chain of events. Follow along as I tell you a story of one doll's journey and the events that led to a happy home.

This whole story starts in the most unlikely of places: Metrocon. Right? As you may or may not recall, Metrocon 2011 was a con I hated so much that it ranks rock bottom on my list of cons that I have been to. But it was an important event in this impossible story. As you also may or may not recall, I met someone there whom I called Charleston. We'll keep referring to her as that. The story is pretty simple. I took her down to Metrocon. We became con buddies and decently good friends. And I was willing to be there and help her out.
You can read about my Metrocon adventure here. 

Though I won't rant on the eventual and abrupt breakdown to our 'friendship', since she clearly intended to only ever use me, she did do a collateral trade with her BJD doll for some money that she needed for rent. I agreed, knowing the doll, even in its somewhat beat-up condition, was still worth somewhere in the $75-125 range. This trade was agreed upon in February of 2012.

This pic was actually taken way before this story started. Back when the original owner still had him

Lets fast forward a bit. Charleston and her bf are living with me. Temporarily of course. I figured we could help each other out. They could help run errands for me while I was on 12 hr shifts and I provided them a roof and a bed while they tried to work out a housing situation. Unfortunately that broke down after simple rules of keeping the apt clean couldn't be followed. But what astounded me was that when I mentioned her BJD was in my closet, still safe and sound, she just gave me a 'meh' and acted like she didn't know what I was talking about.

I knew something was up. It wasn't hard to see that she had no intention of paying back the money.

Fast forward to August of 2012. I have just been shifted work crews, going from crew A to crew C. It was here I met a girl at my work who went to Dragoncon. We were chatting about our weekend.

Me: How was D*con?
Her: It was fun. I enjoyed it. Stayed all 4 days. You?
Me: Loved it. What'd you wear?
Her: O just some stuff from Repo. You know about it?
Me: yep.
Her: And on monday we wore lolita.
Me: *O.O* Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Her: Yea its this japanese fashion
Me: fuck that I know what it is. You are a lolita?
Her: Well, not really. But this girl out in Folly Beach is.

And next thing I knew, I was being contacted to participate in a lolita photoshoot displaying her handmade skirts and dresses. I sacrificed all sleep that day just to partake, knowing my midnight shift was going to be AWFUL. But it was so worth it. From there, I stayed in contact with the lolita girl, whom I shall refer to as Charleston 2.0.

Peter Pan skirt that I modeled for the photoshoot

Fast forward another two weeks. Charleston 2.0 and I have agreed to have tea at my place. Nothing too fancy. Just my tv tables and a bit of music, scones and cookies, talking about lolita things. And then, she begins to talk about a doll she had lent to Charleston 1.0 almost 2 years ago. And I began to connect the dots. I got up, told her to hang on, and walked to my room. She was a bit confused when I emerged back out with a towel. I just told her to unwrap it. And there he was, her lost doll from 2 yrs back that Charleston 1.0 had refused to return.

It was a long journey small one but you're safe again ^_^

It really is amazing that such an impossible turn of events happened. The biggest and most surprising event was finding out about girls who wore lolita in Charleston while AT WORK. I could understand a library or randomly seeing them downtown. But to find out at work? The odds were clearly in our favor and I am happy that Charleston 2.0 got her doll back and eventually sent him off to a new home.


  1. T.T

    that... was so touching.....

    Small world T.T.. tears in my eyes.. no joke... dunno why.. that just... got me..

  2. That was a pretty awesome turn of events and I'm glad that doll found its way to its proper home =O! Now if I could just figure out what headmold he is, I can't tell by the pics ...

    1. I can always ask and find out.

    2. He is a Custom House/Ai Dolls Yeonu. He is from 2008 just when Custom House had started to decline. This doll has an even longer story behind him, this isn't even half of it.