Friday, October 19, 2012

A word on "Itas"

 Just some random thoughts I had on the subject

I have not really spoken much on stuff like this but it seems to be coming up more and more, especially as I become an inspiration to new lolitas looking to enter the fashion for the first time. But too often, girls and boys are afraid to approach their local lolita group on the fear that they will be dubbed an 'ita'. 

An 'ita' is a somewhat derogatory term used to sum up lolitas who virtually make rookie mistakes. In fact, to quote a well known blog F Yeah Lolita: "Ita is a less-than-nice term for someone trying to dress Lolita but doesn't quite get it right." (

To be honest, I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm not here to give pro tips to avoid being an ita. Cause there are people who can do that so much better. What I am here to say is that I believe most everyone starts off an 'ita'. It is very difficult to get the gist of the fashion down pat right off the bat, especially if you lack generous amounts of cash to make the initial investment. For me, it was all trial and error. And if I had let people's words get me down after my disaster of a first outfit, I would not be the brolita people see today. So make your mistakes. Learn from them. No one is perfect and no one should expect you to be.

Be brave. In time, you will learn what works and what does not. Though I never again used this dress, my shoes and hair accessory became staples in my closet that are still used to this day. 

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