Sunday, June 3, 2012

Animazement: 2012 vs 2011

This past memorial weekend, and for the first time since EXP con 2010, I went to a con for a 2nd time. Animazement has really established itself as my favorite con so far so I felt no need to go into another round of ranking, since AZ 2012 would either fall into first or 2nd place. So rather, I've decided to take my 2011 experience and see how my 2012 experience either exceeded or fell short of that mark.

Its always nice to go back to conventions you have been to, especially ones that you loved, and have it please you again. Lets break down what I loved about AZ this year.

Drive: This particular drive to Raleigh was unlike any other drive I had done. Due to circumstances involving me not getting off work till 1 in the morning Friday and having to be at a particular residence by 7 am, I made an overnight trip. It was rather interesting. Having woke up at 8pm the evening after, I knew the drive wouldn't be so bad. I arrived in Raleigh a little past 5:30 and arrived at the place I was gonna be staying at over the weekend right around 6 in the morning.

Con: Unlike 2011, when I arrived late afternoon on Friday, I was able to make it to AZ Friday morning. Not that it made much of a difference. In my *about to be awake for 30 hours* zone, I knew Friday was gonna be a long day of fighting off sleep. But that didn't stop me from being active.

Leechy and I pose for our first picture of the day

Day 1 outfit rundown
Tiara: handmade
Wig: GLW
Jsk: AP's Twilight Carnival
Blouse: ITS
Socks: Bodyline
Accessories: various vendors

Beth and I, blinding the world with pink

Jess and I, brolitas united!

IMO, an excellent cosplay.

There was two lolita panels friday but due to fatique and hunger, I ended up missing the first one in favor of eating sushi. It was ok though cause we all came together for a meet after that panel.

Tiredness catching up to me.

Just another group shot before we broke off to go do our own thing prior to the 9pm lolita panel

As you can see just prior to the start of the 9pm panel, euphoria from being up for so long has begun to set in.

Shortly after the Friday lolita panel, Leechy and I returned to her place to sleep and prepare for Saturday.

Saturday arrived and everyone was greeted with awesome news: Grace was coming up from Charlotte to partake in AZ. 

Grace being her awesome self!

For part of the day, I walked around in my Pocahontas cosplay. Now complete with Meeko.

Much of the day though was spent chilling out in my new Frill Train Bustle skirt. 

Saturday was not hugely exciting. Atleast, not until night. Much of my afternoon was spent waltzing around the con and spending a record breaking 2 hours in the game room *I haven't done that since EXP con 2008*. I eventually ran into Christina and her horde of caped fiends and was invited to eat pizza with them, which I willfully accepted. I unfortunately have no pictures of this fun time. 

I went on to partake in the greatness that is Laugh Out Loud. Yes, LOL was at AZ and they were holding their non 18+ panel and 18+ panels back2back2back. 

I got a picture with Michael Bryson :3

One of my favorite games, Zoom. Setting was a dark attic

Laugh Out Loud

Of course, How better to finish off the night than to sit in traffic for 45 minutes caused by a DWI inspection.

People who got caught XD

Sunday came, and it was clear that the con was taking its toll on everyone. Jess had already gone home sick and Leechy herself was ill. I was having trouble keeping any food down but I pressed on, heading back for the final day of the con. Having stayed up till 3:30 in the morning, thanx to the DWI inspection, I did not wake up till 10:20 Sunday morning. With a lolita panel at 11, I opted to throw on my Kigu suit and pack lolita clothes to change into later that day. 

 We went to go eat out after the panel. Clearly, one of us does not belong XD

I eventually changed into my lolita outfit for the final lolita panel. 
Wig: GLW
Hair Accessory: Commission
Jsk: BL's carousel
Blouse: ITS
Accessories: various vendors
Socks: BL
Shoes: BL

 Super awesome 'matching' shoes :3

And of course, what's a final lolita panel w/o another group picture.

Overall, AZ 2012 took everything I loved from 2011, put it in a mixer, and spit out something even better. A few downers, such as saturday afternoon and nothing to do. And Friday's 30 hour euphoria session. But once again, the 18+ panels carried the day *or night, I should say* and the NC lolita group help complete the weekend with lots of fun and games.

And of course, whats a great con w/o a great ending.

Seeing Grace off one last time before she goes off to NY.

Soon to come, a continuation of this weekend and the "best weekend of 2012" begins :3


  1. Hey, I just wanted to say I've been following your blog for a while, secretly, and I really admire that you can do all of this.

    Specifically, your exploits as a brolita... I know it's a risk putting it here but I couldn't figure out how to say this privately so here we go ^^

    I kind of wish I could be as open about it as you are. I have to keep it hidden from everyone, even my closest friends, and I don't know if I could ever walk out the front door dressed up let alone go to the window and peek out D: you're like, some sort of Brolita Role Model for me xD You've just taken it all in your stride and nothing is slowing you down. I wish I could do that.

    I just hope nobody I know sees this, aheh

    1. Heh. Trust me. I didn't just one day up and say "Hey I'm gonna waltz around all day in lolita, no matter what anyone says." Its taken me years to even have the courage to let other people know I was a crossdresser, much less go about strutting it in public.

      Its been helpful being accepted by the girls at a lolita meet, especially all the groups that openly welcomed me in. I was always super nervous about arriving at a meetup with a group I had never met before, since I didn't know how they felt about brolitas.

    2. Thanks, man. Knowing that really helps... maybe I can build up my own confidence over time ^^