Friday, May 25, 2012

Restaurant review: Toast of Charleston

Hello again kiddos. I know its been a while since I have posted. I've been busy + on top of that, I haven't had much to ramble about. But I have come up with a new weekly topic: restaurants. Every week I will look at and review a restaurant I have gone to here in Charleston, SC.

This week, I'm starting things off with a bang. We're gonna head to Toast of Charleston, a place that has become one of my go to restaurants for eating downtown.

Toast of Charleston *Toast for short* is a restaurant that specializes in breakfast but also has lunch and dinner menus for those not feeling breakfast appetites. Also complete with a bar, Toast can provide a sports like atmosphere for those looking to watch some games.

Toast was a restaurant that was first introduced to me via its bottomless momosa deal. A bunch of ship mates and I had planned to go there after our night shift and just get drunk. But just prior to leaving, I ended up falling my bike in a very, very bad way. So bad that I'm thankful I had a helmet on. Cause chances are I could have been injured pretty badly. Luckily I came out with just a few bleeding scratches. The bad news was that I had decided not to go Toast and instead sleep off the injuries.

 Wine + Oj. Taste deliciously good.

It would be nearly 6 months before I would finally go to Toast.

It just kind of happened on a Sunday afternoon. I was bored with nothing to do and figured it was time to go do something. Noticing I had plenty of time to burn, I packed up my bike and headed downtown for the first time. Most of the day was spent biking around and getting my bearings. But eventually it was time to eat and I figured, what better time than to give Toast a try.

As expected on a sunday, the place was packed. I was placed on a waiting list but surprisingly, I only had to wait 15 minutes before they got up to me. Suppose it helps that I was eating solo. Upon perusing their menu, I saw something that enticed my attention: Surf and Turf. It was steak and eggs topped with fried onions and shrimp, with a side of either grits or fries. And let me tell you: personal favorite steak and eggs right there. I've gone back a couple times just to order more surf and turf.

 A picture from my most recent visit. But this is what you get. Totally delich. 

I also went to Toast to break my Shrimp and Grits cherry. It wasn't nearly as good as I had imagined and since I didn't take pictures of it, I can't really show it off. It was a big bowl of grits with shrimp and cheese in it. Good, but easily outdone by other restaurants whose name(s) shall remain unannounced. 

 Of course, I've been trying to let people in on the 'secret' that is Toast, encouraging others to come visit me so that I can take them to these awesome areas. One person so far has come out. From Savannah, Andrea came to visit and I took her to Toast. 

 I should have taken a picture that included the name XD But here we are waiting to be seated outside of Toast.

So of course, whats a review without some ratings? I will base these ratings on four areas: Food, environment/atmosphere, service, and price.

Food: 9/10

So far, these guys have my favorite steak and eggs dish in Charleston. No one comes close. The onions and shrimp put this meal leagues ahead of anyone else I have eaten at. 

Atmosphere: 9/10 

Very relaxed. The servers have always been cheerful and very attentive. They also know how to help make decisions on what to order. When I first went, I had at first just said steak and eggs. But my waitress asked if I had seen the Surf and Turf. I'm so happy she made that suggestion. 

Service: 9/10
Just take the above and put it here :3

Price: 8/10
A tad expensive. The surf and turf was about $17 after tax and gratuity. Shrimp and Grits was slightly more expensive. Overall though, not bad for better tasting food than places like Ihop or Waffle House. 

Overall: 9/10
If you ever visit Charleston, I cannot recommend enough that you at least once eat here at Toast.

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