Monday, May 7, 2012


Its month 2 of Likes. So lets get to it.

Games: League of Legends (PC), Final Fantasy Tactics (psp), Power Stone Collection (psp)
Tv shows: This Ugly yet Beautiful World, Top Gear
Music: Lots and lots of music. 
Drinks: Mio Berry Pomegranate; Water; milk; sprite
Food: Anything really.
Candy: Airhead pops; Sour gummi worms;
Hobbies and sports: lolita, practice makeup, learning Japanese and ASL
Destinations: Savannah, GA; Charleston, SC
Youtube video: Lindsey Stirling's "We Found Love"; Pachebel's Canon in D Major live performance funny; LOTR, complete symphony; Know your meme: MLP
Movie: Mr. Deeds; 12 Angry Men; The Hunger Games
Restaurants: Toast; Fatz; Mei Thai

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