Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Its Mighty Random Posting time!

You know it. Its that time of the month ago. Time to fill you in on fun filled facts and silliness.

A most amusingly named firm by my apartment

I used to be really good friends with this girl who enjoyed biting people, in particular me. I in turn enjoyed the pain of being bit. It was a rather mutual friendship. I still haven't forgotten the day she broke skin and sucked my blood XD

This actually has nothing to do with biting people. Its just really difficult to find one that doesn't involve Twilight.

I've got a whacky bowling style. In fact...

That's actually a lot like what my bowling stance looks like after I throw the ball.

My first "I love you" band was Evanescence. They were officially my first cd that I bought and though I never saw em in concert, they are still an oldie favorite for me to listen to.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should. Like seriously. Ginger Snaps is a Canadian movie that doesn't rely on special effects but rather solid acting and an excellent metaphorical storyline. As is, it is still one of my favorite movies of all time, competing for the #1 spot alongside Black Swan and Forrest Gump.

This was my one of my first two official cosplays, the other being Pocahontas. This was meant to be American Mcgee's Alice. Speaking of American Mcgee's Alice...

If you have only had the unfortunate experience of playing the sequel "Alice: Madness Returns", you need to get the original. Pronto. Its a significantly better game and significantly much harder. I myself have yet to beat the game but I've gotten like 70% of the way through. In addition to a better arsenal of weapons and a slight Resident Evil factor *think limited ammunition. You actually have to conserve your mana, forcing you to become good with your weapons. The sequel's use of unlimited ammo made the game far too easy*, the bosses actually require you to think rather than dodge, slap boss, repeat.

Well. That wraps up this edition of Getting Random. Join me again next month for more sillyness and fun facts.

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