Monday, April 30, 2012

My posing style.

If there is one thing lolita has taught me, its that posing is important. It can truly make or break a photo.

Sometimes I make an awesome pose

AAAAAND..... then I have these derp WTF photos

But I am not here to discuss posing and the various aspects of it. Cause honestly. I have no idea. But I wanted to go through a history of how my posing has changed through the meets and where it currently is at. So follow me :3


When I first started lolita, I was not much of a poser. Much of my posing back in the day involved trying to look as cute as possible.

Orlando lolita meetup 2-27-2010

Savannah lolita meetup 4-9-2011

As you can see from these two photos, I did not do too much. Slap my hands behind me, look at the camera, and smile.

At Animazement I added in some new elements: prop wielding and sass.

Animazement 2011
Bet you didn't notice the lolita photo-bombing my photo :P

Animazement 2011

Here, I am trying to move away from the simple look cute and smile. I was trying to add in some sass, especially in my 2nd picture. Too bad my petticoats were showing in it @.@

Upcoming are some of my favorite poses to date. 

Upstate SC lolita meet 7-9-2011

Upstate SC lolita meet

Present in my first picture lies a picture born from an inability to represent sexy. And since I couldn't represent sexy, which is what everyone wanted :P, I made do with super cute. Picture 2 is to date still my favorite pose. I think the only way it could have been better is if we had actual puppet string... thingies.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011

Wearing Night Fairy Fantasia and having a handbag for the first time, I opted to go with the purse in front, hands forward looking cute type deal. The pose was mainly done to show off my matching bag with the rest of my outfit.

Savannah lolita meet 10-7-2011

Ichibacon 2012

As posing became more natural, I began to do pictures that went from being cute to being memorable. Seen in these two photos are the Captain pictures that I enjoy doing from time to time. 

Upstate SC lolita meet 11-13-2011

In what has also become another one of my favorite pictures, this was set up by a friend who had some photography experience.

Jacksonville lolita meet 1-15-2012

Eventually my posing moved on to this, using a peace sign which has actually become my standard for the time being. 

Savannah lolita meetup 12-15-2011

Savannah lolita meetup 2-5-2012

Of course I cannot leave out poses from the fledgling visual kei closet.

So this is essentially the history of my poses in a nutshell. Thank you for taking this time to check it out. Till next post :D

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