Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Randomness than your body has room for!

Its that time of the month ago. No, not that. I mean this:

So I want to get a tattoo. I've been wanting to get one for a damn long time. In fact, someone once told me that if there is a tattoo you want to get, you should sleep on it for 6 months. If in 6 months you pull out that tattoo and say you still want it, then you definitely want it.

Not an actual tattoo. But this is what I want

I was told this piece of advice a year and a half ago. I still want this tattoo. And I will probably still want it 6 months from now if I still haven't gotten it. 

Of the 6 ponies from MLP: FIM *which in case you don't watch yet.... you should. Netflix now has it*
Rainbow Dash is my favorite. 

See? I do wish I had wings to complete the outfit. Getting there.

I play a lot of League of Legends. For those who have one, you should fran me and we can play some games together. 

Anywho, of all the LOL gamers in the world, Grasshyren is my favorite.

This is just one of his rediculous videos in which Grassy and friends are giving everyone a good laugh. If you are LOL fan, be sure to check out his other 100+ videos.

One of my dream fantasies is to have a cross wedding. Yeppers, a cross wedding. I want to wear a wedding dress on my wedding day *You know, if that EVER happens*. Probably something very close to this

This is actually a scene from an anime where a boy has been transformed into a beautiful blushing bride. 

This is the scenes from which that picture originates from. It is from a manga called Strange Brothers, which has not been translated and will probably never be translated. As is, there is a small group of people unofficially translating them. But chances are, I'll have to learn Japanese so I can read the raw version in the future. 

Basically though, the manga follows the lives of a brother and sister *Ayumi and Satori respectively* who discover that they can control the other's gender and clothing via wishing. In this scene, Ayumi is on a train home when he begins to undergo a transformation cause by Satori's wishful thoughts to see Ayumi in a wedding dress.

Interesting enough... Just found this picture 5 mins ago. Brother Ayumi is on the left, Sister Satori is on the right.

Seriously though I was so excited to watch this movie. Ads were making it out to be this great awesome movie to watch. And.... It was just one huge documentary that you watch on everyday PBS or something. I think the commentary from friends mocking the "teeming with life" quote was what the made the movie bearable enough to finish watching.

I do this so much. In fact last December, I ended up not buying a video game I had had my eye on because I figured $65 was too much. But later that day I spent $450 obtaining Aqua Princess.

O there is plenty more to share but we'll wait till next month to get to those :3


  1. That would be such a cool tattoo! *3* you should really go for it if you're that set on it. And Rainbow Dash is one of my favorites too! Along with Fluttershy and Rarity haha :D Your coord is really cute! The wig especially. Such a perfect mix of colors~

    A cross-wedding sounds awesome *3* I'm sure you'll find a special person who'll be up for it. It'll be a much more memorable occasion too!

    Is the movie Happy Feet 2? XD haha I actually liked the movie XD mostly for the songs and stuff. But honestly, yeah, the storylines were all over the place ...the movie you were talking about_is_Happy Feet 2 right?

    1. I was actually talking about March of the Penguins :P At least I think that is what that poster is referring to.

      The problem with the cross wedding isn't finding a person to do it. Its actually all on me to just start dating at some point. 24 years and I've never dated with the intention of relationship.

    2. Oh! Haha XD now I feel pretty dumb.

      Hm, that is quite a problem. Maybe you could just do a photoshoot then? But if you do have plans on getting married some day, you could always wait X3 Sorry if what I'm saying sounds harsh or insensitive or something, that's not my intent at all ;w; I'm not very good with these type of conversations

      Oh! Just re-read your introduction post and saw that you're Filipino too! um..wala lang, just thought it was really cool.

    3. I like the photoshoot idea :3 Anywho I am not offended at all. Having been a crossdresser forever, you grow accustomed that type of thing.

      Heh you'll have to forgive my lack of Filipino-ness. I can neither speak nor understand Tagalog. My parents thought it would be a great idea not to teach me. Help me 'fit in' better.