Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tumble. Me. Random

Its a new month and you know what that means. A whole new list of fun facts and silly tidbits to share about myself :3

A pretty amusing cup my dad bought when he went to Canada

To start off this edition of Getting Random, I have a Tumblr. Which you can follow if you want. Its irregularly updated. Since its not something I go on much. But it can still be a fun tumblr to follow.

Yes, it is even appropriately named. 

Lately I've been looking over wedding dresses again. In case you don't know I want my wedding to be a cross wedding. Or have 2 brides. Basically I'm not wearing a tux for my wedding.That much I am sure of. My new go to site has been Riven Dell Bridal, a massively expensive European site.

This is their Titania dress, which I have been going gaga over. Even at the price tag of $3000, I would get this for my wedding day.

I love a good game of chess. I don't play much anymore. But when I do, I can definitely make it a worthwhile game. Its almost like a bike: You don't forget how to play.

That's right. Big boy chess :3

I remember the first time I saw snow. I wanted to take a snow picture so badly.

Not the best pic. But it was cold. And this was still WAAAAAY back in my early days.

My first exposure to furries were at Exp con. I honestly don't know why people hate on em. I think they be cute. 

O and always remember: No matter how bad life is kicking you in the face, its always worse somewhere else. 

This turtle agrees with me :3

Well I'll call it for this month's random topics. Till next moooooooooooooonth!

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