Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brolita life, part 3: Pretty in Pink

Goodness. Look how long its been since I last even talked about my brolita history to this point. Posted way back when in October of 2011. And a lot has really changed since then. I mean, you probably saw bits and pieces as they came up, such as the disappearance of my goth closet. But its time to piece it all together and see how much farther I have come in my style :3

Last time I wrote, I had just come back from AWA and had just established the cornerstones to my Visual Kei closet. In addition, my Sweets closet was beginning to grow. But those were just the tips of the iceberg that help set in motion how the next year of my lolita life would go.

In case the title hasn't already given it away, the theme of the year has been pink. Just loads and loads of pink. I have probably worn more pink this year than all other colors combined. And the floodgates opened up when I was able to snatch this little gem off the commsales.

Unico in Bloomland, a dress I bought for $212 shipped. A most awesome deal that put the gears in motion.
Unico in Bloomland was a dress I had been very iffy about and actually had no interest in for a long time, especially since I still identified gothic with a bit of sweet. But one day I sat down and reviewed the print and began to feel a desire to get it. I put it on my dream list and almost a day later, it came up on the commsales. I seized the opportunity to put some more pink in my closet and purchased it.

After the purchase of Unico in Bloomland, my dreamlist went from predominant gothic to predominant sweet, with Aqua Princess jumping to #1 right around Christmas. And just as that happened, someone put one on the commsales for $400. I realize now its a tad expensive but at the time I was caught up in a euphoric moment to get my dream dress. I received it just in time for Ichibacon and I immediately fell in love with it.

A photographer did a photo-shoot type thing for me. Here are some pics. 

NC lolitas, woot woot!

Goes w/o saying that I totally love this picture. 

Ah we look so adorable ^_^

Eventually I got around to making a new hair accessory for my Aqua Princess dress. Using a tutorial I found on the interweb, I made myself a new tiara.

My tiara that I now wear when I'm being a princess. 

In March 2012, I participated in a Savannah swap meet. Being the 2nd one there, I was able to gander through everything first. And that is when Twilight Carnival caught my eye. I had never heard of this print from AP till that day but I immediately felt the intense need to get it, not only because it looked a lot like Aqua Princess but also because it had a bustle back. And I LOVE bustle backs. So I was quite happy when she said she would sell it to me! The best part was that all my accessories for Aqua Princess very easily worked with Twilight Carnival so I can easily switch between the two dresses at will.

The Savannah lolita meet where I bought this lovely dress

That bustle back I was talking about. Isn't it just lovely :3

Ah the 'twinning'!With Grace!

And very recently, I purchased CC in pink.

Though CC is a very dark pink in person, it seems that if you go into light ~all is well~.

CC had been a dress that wasn't even on my radar when it first came out. But I never knew they had a bustier version. Once I found out that little tidbit of information, it sparked my interest. And for awhile, CC hung around my dreamlist. Not at #1, but usually floating between 3 and 5. 2 events prompted me to buy it: a nice fat bonus found its way into my account :) and my inability to find Vampire Requiem for a rather decent price.

I had a couple other pink pieces. Granted they were not anything major like the 3 I just mentioned, but they are still solid additions to my closet.

BtSSB Red Riding Hood
Formerly in my closet, eventually sold to a Savalita

BL's carousel print

Life moves on though. And so does my passion for pink. Though it still goes strong, I'm starting to feel even stronger attachments to mint and ESPECIALLY lavender. My search for other pink dresses that I want continue but the search for mint and lavender pieces has begun, with some power prints hitting the top of my dream list:

AP's Milky Planet
I got to wear this at Frill, if you've read my Frill write up post prior to this one. 

AP's Aqua Princess
I actually want this dress in every colourway. 

AP's Mermaid Symphony
Absolute gorgeous dress! 

Re-establishing itself as my #1 want, I feel like I NEED this. 

So there you have it. A quick glimpse of my past 9-ish months in a nutshell. Hopefully my next update won't wait so long XD

See you all then.

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  1. Lolita really really suits you nicely~~ ^^ I also really love the slightly less standard colors like mint and lavender~~ I really wish sweet lolita suited me~ TT^TT But I think I'm going to start building a classic/country lolita wardrobe towards the end of this year~! ^^ I already have a blouse and bloomers~~ hehehe Sorry for my rambling~ Just wanted to say that you look really lovely in lolita~! And I'm really glad you found something you love~~! ^^