Monday, January 16, 2012

Petticoat review *Positive* + bonus pictures.

In the first of more to come, here I am to review my newest petticoat addition

This is my newest petticoat to be added to my collection. It was obtained from an ebay seller:

This site may or may not look familiar. If you followed the EGL boards at the right time, this was one of the sites that would come up when people asked for places to obtain good but relatively cheap petticoats. And I agree. At $25, this petticoat definitely delivers. 

Before petticoats

Just a base line picture to see how no petticoat = no poof.

My Classical puppets + Dear Celine

I wish I could a side by side view here but I'm not tech savvy at all.

But on to the rankings

Poof: 4/5

Compared to my Classical Puppets petticoat, my go to petticoat, the ebay petticoat definitely can hold its own. IMO it tends to form more of the A-line poof as opposed to Classical Puppets cupcake shape. But I'm fine with that. I do not particular prefer one over the other. 

Comfort: 5/5

Just by looking at it, you would think that this petticoat is scratchy underneath. I definitely thought so when I first opened it. What I did not see was that this petticoat comes with a build in slip. 

Excuse the horrendous picture but that would be the slip. It IS longer. I was just too lazy to unroll it all out XD

And the waist is super soft. In fact, if I had to compare the feel to something it would be my Aqua Princess dress. 

Shipping: 5/5

I ordered this sometime right around the end of 2011. It took about 2 and a half weeks for it to arrive. And the shipping was just a tad over $10. For shipping from China, definitely a pretty rocking deal. 

Overall: 4.5/5

I can say that I am overall pleased with my purchase. I was half expecting everyone's claims about this petticoat to be exaggerated and that it would be nothing more than a cheaper Spirit petticoat. But that was definitely not the case. Another really high point: the one pointer that everyone warned about, the supposed 30 inch waists, did not seem to be an issue. In fact, my hips are about 35.5 and I dare to say that this petticoat could probably go around to 40-42 inch hips.
And at $25 *including shipping* this is definitely a petticoat you should look into buying.

Additional points of interests:

The petticoat comes with this nifty button thing on the inside. I suppose if you wanted to make your petticoat tighter, you could. I just keep it on the standard setting it came in.

Additional pictures:

Ebay + Dear Celine
Layered with Dear Celine, the Ebay petticoat begins to take on a pseudo Aline, pseudo cupcake look.

Closeup of the Ebay + Dear Celine petticoats in action

Bonus photos:

In addition to my newest petticoat additions, I was inspired to DIY tiara. 

My first ever tiara.

Side view showing off the small 'flowers'

And of course, yours truly wearing it for the first time. 


  1. Which Dear Celine petticoat do you have?
    Frothy I or Frothy IV?

    1. If I recall correctly, Frothy 1. Its deflated pretty badly and I mainly use it as a layering petticoat now.