Friday, January 27, 2012

Its rank em week: Anime Conventions (day 4)

Disclaimer: These are merely opinions based on my experiences and my expectations for a con.

Day 4 sees us moving into the upper echelon of anime conventions. And starting things off is Ichibacon, an anime convention based in Charlotte, NC.

Ichibacon's tale starts far before the con itself. You see at first, I was once again planning to have my own hotel and do things the way I had done it for every other con *except for Megacon and EXP con years 1 and 2*. But as the con dawned nearer and nearer, it quickly became obvious that the December holidays and AP Aqua Princess had taken its toll on my financial resources and that I would never be able to absorb the major hit that comes with anime conventions. But a week before the con, I was able to talk to a NC lolita, Leechy Nut, and agree to split a hotel room. This allowed me the opportunity to go.

TBH, the hotel was one of the crappier hotels I had stayed in for a con. First off, the con was badly set-up, with access to the parking garage possible only by walking through the con. This led to some instances where 'staff' would attempt to prevent me from getting to my vehicle on friday night and sunday morning. Of course, there really was nothing they could do as I told them parking garage and ignored anything else they said.

And the room... I seriously have no idea how in the world we fit in that room 6 fully dressed fully fluffed up lolita(s) along with closets carrying full wardrobes of 2 lolita(s). I think this speaks volumes about just how small this room was. It also lacked a refrigerator, a microwave, and a large bathroom @.@ BUT it did have a balcony! I always enjoy hotel rooms that have a balcony.

The con itself was rather small, probably even smaller than EXP con both attendance wise and con wise. The few panels I did go to were badly organized and quite frankly very boring. I went to one of their 18+ panels and quickly came to realize that not only was the 18+ rule not enforced, the 18+ had essentially been slapped on as a 'teaser' tactic. Basically tricking people like me to come to a panel that could have happened during the day and nobody would have been the wiser.

And what is it with people holding para para panels and teaching the hardest para para dances?

This was the dance selected by the para para panel hostesses. Knowing there was no way I'd learn more than a few steps in the WHOPPING 1 hour we had, I immediately left. I later came to find out that the hostesses were good dancers but horrendous teachers. 

If ever there was a para para dance I would choose to teach, it would be this one. Its short, its very simple to learn, and its a Japanese favorite. Plus, if you enjoyed the dance you could go on to learn the far longer 4.5 minute version.

In the end I ended up distracted from the panels very quickly as the day turned into a spur of the day lolita meet.

Charlotte lolita(s)

As can be seen in this picture, and the one below, is my official public debut of AP's Aqua Princess, a print that sky rocketed into my dream list and became a reality shortly thereafter. Honestly this is probably THE most gorgeous dress I own. It forms an absolutely awesome cupcake shape when I wear my Dear Celine-Classical Puppets petticoats.

Photography by: WashuOtaku
Do not reproduce, copy, or sell. 

 Aqua Princess was not the only dress to see some game time. AatP's Night Fairy Fantasia, in its full glory, was worn after our photo shoot. I was even inspired to wear my corset when I found out someone else knew how to tie corsets. 

I did not take many other pictures. In fact this was the only non-lolita picture I took. And only because we were in the elevator at the same time. 

Overall I enjoyed myself at Ichibacon. Mostly because of the lolitas. And also because of our weeboo cosplays that we did Saturday night. And the con was a good way to get away and have a good time.

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