Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dream dresses and new dream list

Just a quick and casual update on some things I have had on the mind :)

I wanted to go ahead and post my newest created lists: my favorite dresses.

#1: Night Fairy Fantasia. 

I love fairies. So irrevocably in love that its almost unnatural. So when AatP announced they were coming out with this print, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to get the entire set, regardless of costs. In addition, I have found a few accessories that match the theme of the dress.

#2: Aqua Princess

The only print that can remotely challenge for #1. Aqua Princess is about as gorgeous as they come. The pictures I saw of them could not do this dress justice. Needless to say, when I received my dress it was a girl squealing-jumping in the air day. The dress comes with a choker which is super comfy and awesomely cute. Right now, I am hoping to obtain some accessories for it, including a tiara and a wand. My only qualm with this dress is how ridiculously short this dress is when I wear my petticoats. Makes me glad that bloomers exists cause I definitely upskirt the world when going up stairs. 

#3: Unico in Bloomland

My first dress from BtSSB. Holding steady at #3, the dress's biggest issue is the inability to clearly make out the print. But its still a very cute dress. Minor things like a flower on the shoulder strap and pearls across the bust give this dress points.

#4: BL carousel

Bodyline secures their position on this lists with a print of their own. My favorite print from BL, I obtained them over a year and half period. Sax arrived in June of 2010. Black came in June of 2011. And pink and lavender arrived around November of 2011. Being from Bodyline essentially ensures that this dress will never breach into the top 3 but it can take comfort in being in the top 5. 

#5: Visual Kei

Roaring into the top 5 is H. Naoto Ibi pants and cardigan. This is my first official male/androgenous outfit and the two pieces act as the cornerstones of my now established male lolita closet. A corset tank top and Hush Puppie Mary Janes help complete the outfit. There isn't really any qualms here. But since I prefer to first and foremost be a brolita, my visual kei outfit(s) will probably never be greater than #5. 

New and Updated Dream list

Moving back into #1 is AatP Vampire Requiem. This has been on my dream list forever and a day. And most likely will be the one and only dress I buy this year, as one of my new year's resolutions is to massively expand my visual kei closet. 

Metamorphose's Fairy Tale. Overall a cute print but unlikely to be added to the closet before Vampire Requiem, if ever. 

A new addition to the dream lists, Visual Kei will begin rounding out these lists. New pants and cardigans additions to my closet are in the works.


  1. You look so beautiful in every photo! You and I certainly share tastes for dream dresses, I adore Aqua Princess, Unico in Bloomland, BL Carousel and Vampire Requiem! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you. When we see each other again, I'll have to dress you up with my wardrobe :D