Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ren Faire and Greenville lolita meetup recap

Ah so on Nov. 11-13th weekend I attended a Ren Faire in Charlotte, NC, caught up with a good friend, and attended a lolita meet in Greenville.

I did not take many pics at Ren Faire and the few that I did are not post worthy. O well, that is what I get for failing to bring someone with me. But I did get a pic of my swag.

Ok so the bloomers and pillow are not actually part of the swag. But everything else on the bed is. 

Love this thing. Just so happens to be the perfect size for my laptop :3

Novelty item. I have always wanted to have a staff. Now I have one :3

At first a novelty item. Now an essential part of my lolita punk visual kei outfit, as the pants are NOT pocket friendly. 

Definitely novelty items. Top horn is a drinking horn. Bottom horn is a drinking AND sound horn. 

Definitely a novelty item. I feel like it is a goal of mine to just collect as many tankards as possible.

Of course swag wasn't all I got. I very much enjoyed the performance given by the comedy group, the Tortuga Twins. 

Though I did miss their R-rated show. But I blame mother nature for this one. I was in lolita and the cold set in hard. And I was in no condition to stay out in sub 60 weather -_-'

I also caught up with a good friend, miss Grace Valentine. 

I'm on the right, in case you were potentially confused. Yea I know. Me in pants? Revel in this one kiddos XD

She took me to this Jerky store which had so much jerky :3 I got some Honey Barbecue *I think... I've long since ate it all* and it was the best Jerky I have yet had. And I seriously want some more.

New winter boots I bought from Burlington Coat Factory. I love these things, especially the little pom pom things :3

I also attended a meetup in Greenville. It was held at Furman university, a place that had some of the best photo locations ever. Here are some of our pictures. 

Our hostess, miss Caroline. She sews all her own lolita clothing and on this day had a very queen like outfit. 


And me!

The group shot!

Was feeling a little... "captain"y for this picture

Luna and I showing off our coats

One of my favorite pictures ever. 

We were having just a little too much fun :3 And of course, thank goodness for bloomers. They well served their purpose for this picture. 

Another lovely group picture. 

Setting up the prior picture.

Something about "The Shining' that inspired this picture. 

Puritan lolita go?

So that was my 2nd best weekend of 2011 in a nutshell.

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