Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blog update

Aight. So I realize its been awhile since I have posted. But I promise, all for a good reason.

Predominantly, school has started again for me. And it has me gone for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. And its only gonna get worse. Not that I mind.

But that essentially means updates are going to be much more rare. Hopefully this quantity drop results in another rise in quality :3


  1. Hi, Hopefully future brolita in the making here. I need some help T.T i'm looking for a good place to buy shoes. Im a male 10.5 / 11 and i cant find anything that looks like Sweet Lolita / OTT Sweet Lolita. I might have to order from a milanoo clone (and i know b4 you say anything thats bad) and take a gamble. Anyways if you know any good shops at all please let me know ^.^

  2. Actually I have seen several reviews that praise the quality of Milanoo shoes. Its their tactics that people dislike *you know, the whole stealing photos thing*. Personally Idc where people order stuff from.

    But I do understand the shoe size thing. I am lucky to be right at the very edge of lolita shoe sizing. If i come across any sites that specialize in size 10+ shoes, I will let you know :3