Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pet peeve about NFL "fans"

I love watching football. And I love watching/listening to my Jaguars play every weekend. Whether they are playoff bound or sofa bound in January, I root for them regardless of whats happening.

But I am not here to discuss my beloved Jaguars. I am here to discuss a pet peeve that erks me every time it comes up. And trust me, year in and year out, it comes up.

For NFL fans. If that's your thing

A quick summary in case this all sounds like mumbo jumbo to you. Basically there is the NFL draft that occurs in April of every year, where teams get to draft new talent from the collegiate level. Worst teams pick first, better teams pick towards last. This was designed to help the worst teams get out of NFL hell and get into the ranks of being playoff competitive.

A couple days ago, the Colts defeated the Texans. Seems harmless enough right? It should. Unfortunately, the colts are getting reamed for winning this game. Why? The colts were in the clear lead for the #1 pick at 1-13. Another loss would have guaranteed them the first pick of the draft in April, a draft that many believe will have the 2nd coming of John Elway/Dan Marino/Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers.

Long story short, There are many who believed the Colts should have tanked the game and drafted a guy named Andrew Luck.

 This is that Andrew Luck. He suppose to be a lock as a franchise QB for the next 10 years.

I just wanted to state a news flash to these "fans" who believe this: ITS NOT YOUR JOB ON THE LINE, now is it? In a world where everyone is trying to hold onto to a job, here we are asking these guys to give up their job.

Not exactly the same situation. But you get the point. If I was a football player, I would say FU to fans who asked me to tank a game. My job is on the line. 

And then there's Andrew Luck. There's no guarantee he becomes the 10 year Franchise QB that many are predicting him out to be. Colt fans forgot one big thing though: Predictions aren't always true.

*You may or may not recall a 'dream team' called the Philadelphia Eagles who were predicted to WIN the super bowl. Right now, they're BARELY in the playoff race. Funny how things turn out.*

Right. Well. That concludes this issue of NFL pet peeves.


  1. That's so detestable. :| The situation totally starts going into the realms of morality and good sportsmanship and such; it would be so dirty for any team to intentionally bomb a game, regardless of what they'd get out of it! Plus, imagine what it would do to the team's morale. I know that *I* sure wouldn't feel very good if I didn't try my best, only to add on to my worst-in-the-league season. :|

    At least they got a win. Anyone who wants them to play the system instead of playing the game is ridiculous and has really poor team spirit.

  2. ^ this. Play the game the right way. I can "see" where they are coming from but i dont agree at all. Almost seems dirty to me. I'm glad they won.