Sunday, September 23, 2012

Murder Mystery Charleston

This past Wednesday, September 19, 2012, I partook in a small cruise. But it was more than just a cruise, it was a murder mystery cruise.

Taking place every Wednesday, the Carolina Queen goes out on the sea to escape the grasp of the Prohibition Law. Once out on the open waters, Andrew Wheeler himself introduces everyone to grand re-opening of the speakeasy Old Hickory. Its a smashing good time celebrating the 1920s till something goes awry.

Follow me and lets go an adventure :3

This all started off as an idea a couple months back. I had gone to Savannah with a couple friends and we went on a short little cruise. Here are a couple pictures from that cruise.

Our boat
Andrea and I in lolita, with shipmates from Charleston who came down with me
That cruise was a lot of fun and though I didn't get to see anything, I very much enjoyed my time. So when I heard of a murder mystery cruise on the radio in Charleston, SC I just had to go. I began making plans to bring some friends in and go on a cruise. It wasn't until a few weeks later than the plan finally came to fruition.

I started off the night getting ready at a friends place. The theme of the night was the 1920s but since I had nothing for that theme and I'm not one for wearing a suit, I decided to wear lolita. I was also able to get two friends to come along with me, who dressed up for the occasion.

Accessory: Headbow
Wig: GLW Goddess collection
Cardigan: DEB
Jsk: Oo Jia replica
Arm gloves: Ebay
Thigh highs: Hot Topic
Boots: Interwebz

I was a tad nervous that other people wouldn't dress up and have a little fun with the night. But I sure was wrong. People dressed up and embraced the 1920s. Check out some of following photos.

Raising your kid right :)
Hmmm, love that coat. On teh right btw.

Some ladies we met who had been at Dragoncon
Part of the murder mystery
More murder mystery
Overall I enjoyed the night. At least what I do remember soberly. Their drinks were definitely strong, for me anyways, with their pink murders definitely knocking me into the later stages of tipsiness after only 1 drink. So I don't recall much of the story that took place on the cruise. But if you are looking for a good time during the mid week, this is definitely one event to go to.

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