Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some say

That money can't buy happiness.

But it can sure keep sadness at bay. As you may or may not remember, I ended leaving my parasol and H. naoto pants at Kira kira con. With my luck, it was probably picked up by the weeaboo-ist person there who just so happened to probably be the only person to not have a FB. That person *cause I honestly couldn't tell if it was a he or she* also had the nerve to shout out "YAOI" at me only because I was all prettied up.

In the end, I never recovered that parasol and pants. In an effort to combat the oncoming and inevitable depression, I went into a spending spree to help buy my feelings some time. And finally after a 3 week wait, they *the items* arrived.

H. Naoto pants

After much anticipation and slight issues with mailing addresses, I am now the proud owner of my 2nd *technically third....* pair of Visual Kei pants. 

No wig or makeup. Just basic tank + fedora + pants

As I mentioned a little bit ago, I did have an address issue. Since I keep my shipping and billing address slightly different *I don't include my apt number in my billing address* H. Naoto sent it to my billing address and it was considered an incomplete/insufficient address and had to be sent back to H. Naoto. After a slight grieving email and an apology the package came with a little something extra.

Yeppers, a mint neko.... lunch box of some sort XD

I also have a new tank top coming in. 

Putumayo blouse

Has not arrived yet. But I'm rather excited because it'll form the perfect pair with my H. Naoto pants.

Also. You may remember that I wear VS bras. Well ever since then I have become quite the VS window shopper, receiving their emails and viewing their site quite a bit. Recently they had a little sale + bonus, a 7 for $26 panty sale AND 2 secret reward cards for spending over $25. And so wanting a little more than just the Walmart and Target panties I've been wearing, I went ahead and put in an order. They came in the same day as my H. Naoto pants. 

There is actually suppose to be 2 of the butterfly ones. I was wearing it during this picture. 

They are definitely super cute and will help add variety to my closet :3

Well that is all for now. Hopefully I don't take forever making my next post XD


  1. I never knew VS had those kind of panties! So, so cute! the 'wink, pout, ask me out' panties are pretty funny though. If the person they're addressing can actually see the panties, won't that mean that said person had (most likely) asked the wearer out already!? Haha! ..I probably had worded that out awkwardly.

    1. Ha ha. So true. Though I'm sure there are ways to show it off if you were single :P

  2. I especially love the butterfly on the pants and that super-cute bento!

    Your tank top piccie got all borked~. Is it the black-and-white rose-print one that I saw a picture of recently? :D It's lovely~. This might sound weird, but the print on it makes me thirsty... maybe because it looks all sparkly? O_o

    1. It is indeed. Its actually pink. Stupid flash on cameras. Seriously when I get the chance the biggest thing I'm gonna look for in my next apartment will be natural lighting.