Friday, March 2, 2012

Silly promises and other random facts

Time. To. Get. Random!

6 years ago, I made a promise with a girl that when we both turned 40, and if we were still both single, we would totally get married. Silly? Sure. A promise I intend to keep? Of course. Even now, I still have feelings for her and I wish I hadn't become so nervous about even dipping my foot into the dating pond.

 I love faeries. I don't know what it is about them but I just have this irrevocable love for them. 

 So. Many. Faeries ^_^

I used to read a lot. Some of my favorite series include(ed):

 The entire series actually. I am eagerly awaiting for the 8th book to be released, summer 2012

Once again, just a fan of the whole series in general. But this is where I started. 

Entire Alex Rider series though it fell off at the end and I never finished the series. O and don't bother watching the movie. Its terrible and its mighty obvious they never intended to create a sequel. Or maybe they did if this movie might had done well at the box office, which it didn't. 

I don't really read anymore though. I just can never seem to get started. Usually it takes great effort for me to get far enough into a book where my "must finish book" gears kick in.

I enjoy space battle/exploration type shows. Star trek: Voyager, Star Trek: TNG, and Enterprise entertain me to no end. And Battlestar Galactica has joined in on the never ending fun of space destruction and drama. 

I took up sewing because I wanted to make a Pocahontas cosplay. 

Unlike the Megacon pic I put up, this has the actual necklace that I made for the cosplay. Gawd I look sexy in this... Makes me just want to glomp myself XD

I love me some balut. I just don't ever eat enough of it. What is balut you ask? Why its basically a fertilized chicken embryo that is cooked before it hatches. Savage you say? Filipinos don't think so. 

I'm not gonna post what they look like on the inside. You are more than welcome to look that up yourself. But I'm telling you. They. Are. Delicious. 

I guess this wraps it up for today's edition of Random Facts. In fact I hope to make a habit out of this. Might make for some fun reads.

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