Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its rank em week: Anime Conventions (day 6)

I do hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as I have enjoyed reminiscing and writing about these cons. Writing these really help put in perspective what cons I should go back to and just how badly I need to go to other cons to continue expanding my experiences. Alas, we still have 1 more contender to go. And here it is!

Disclaimer: These are merely opinions based on my experiences and my expectations for a con.

Its been quite a week of cons, ranking cons from Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. And coming in at number 1 is Animazement. An anime convention in Raleigh, NC this was the first con I had ever gone solo to. And boy did this con not only deliver, it exceeded my greatest expectations. 

Of course, I always start with my travel. The trip to Animazement was a trip originally planned to arrive at 9 pm at night, late enough to do just about nothing until the next day. But I was extremely fortunate and we were released around 1100 from work, allowing me to leave significantly earlier than expected. The trip was not too bad, except for a sweet batch of storms that essentially reduced visibility to only a few meters ahead of you. *O, 30 mph on the interstate? Yea. About that -_-* Other than that, it was smooth sailing.My timely arrival at 5 pm allowed me to partake in Friday's night activities.

The hotel was one of the better hotels I stayed in. I was able to stay at the Marriot, the official convention hotel. The cost was pretty consistent with most cons, costing me about the standard $250 it usually does. But it was rather convenient, being connected to the Raleigh City Center where the convention was being held. And they had 4 rather well working elevators. I never waited any longer than a minute or two to catch an elevator. The rooms were very spacious and I very much enjoyed my stay. My one and only complaint was they burnt my overly expensive steak when I ordered steak and eggs Sunday morning.

The convention itself was excellent. It was never really crowded, as the convention center was HUGE! Well, at least until one got to the Dealer's Room. And even then it was not nearly as bad as some of the other cons I have gone to. The panels I went to were well organized, with the host/hostesses showing up to each panel I went to *take notes Metrocon* and each panel adequately supplied with microphones *take MAJOR NOTES Metrocon*. And these panels were just the tip of the iceberg. Animazement held these 18+ panels that to this day are the BEST PANELS I have enjoyed most.

This was just some of the hilarious-ness that ensued at a panel called "DLC guild, 18+". They were a great improv group who took ideas from the audience and just turned it into bursts of laughter. I pretty much died laughing twice that night from how funny their skits were. And the best part about these guys: they did a non-18+ so that everyone could watch them. 

The other 18+ panel was a Q&A session panel called "In the Hot Seat with Leah Clark". Basically she and 2 other hosts sat upstage and called up VERY BRAVE volunteers who would draw a card. If the card was even, the host/hostess would ask the volunteer any question. And if the card was odd, the VERY BRAVE volunteer got to ask the host/hostess any question. Now mind you, this was an 18+ panel. This was a true-no holds barred-ask all-free for all. Lets just say that a girl became know as doggy style girl, Leah Clark was bribed $300 to flash the crowd, and at some point in time clothes came off. 

But these 18+ panels were more than just awesome. They were very well organized. Rather than do an ID check at the door, Animazement required you to find a very visible 18+ panel table earlier in the day, show your ID, and get a wristband. And you had to do it before like 5 pm. 

But the true icing on the cake was the NC lolita community who represented in force at the convention.

 We had two different meet places, the first on saturday for a photoshoot that attracted the attention of many. And the 2nd a lolita 101 panel, which is where the 2nd group picture was taken. 

This was my outfit Saturday night. Seen here is my first true cupcake shape thanks to the timely arrival of my petticoats just 2 days before this convention. 

Seen here was my outfit for sunday. I've got my petticoats peaking from underneath. I was still learning how to use these petticoats and it did not occur to roll them until after I saw these pictures.

I was very glad to meet such a large lolita group and I have since then been adopted by the North Carolina lolita community as one of their own :3

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Animazement. It was a well organized con that was never really crowded at any one time. Many of panels were interesting and fun to be at. And the staff was professional and courteous. Of course, they were as professional as a volunteer can be, enforcing the rules they were entrusted with. That is, to me, the most you can ask of a volunteer. And Animazement helped open doors that otherwise would have forever remained shut. Its only a shame that I will most likely miss 2012's Animazement.

Ah well, one can only hope that the dice rolls their way ;)


  1. Reading these were fun. Since my first brolita outing will be a con this was also kinda informative. If your still in the FL area I'm going to be trying for AFO, and a new small con that started 2011 around December (IF it pops up again this year) in Orlando.

  2. :)

    If my schedule allows for it, I would like to check out AFO. Its one of the FL cons I have been wanting to attend.

    You sound like you reside in the Central Florida area. Have you come into contact with the Central Florida Lolita Society?

  3. I am in orlando, and no i have not yet. I'm JUST starting out. SO having to overcome the cost of that is a bit daunting. I'm saving now to get put in my first order from obook for A LOT of Taobao stuff. I have little to no exp with cross dressing but i always wanted to. I fell in love with the fashion at a con, and honestly i think its the safest place to try it out.

  4. Yea. Cost was definitely an issue in my early days of lolita. But I managed to get over that.

    I do agree, a con is the best place to start your lolita adventures. Its a safe and controlled environment where the worst that can happen is people don't take notice of your outfit.

    If you were looking for addition blogs to read, I would highly recommend Her Curious Elegance:

    I learned a lot from her and she helped inspire me to become as a good a brolita as I can be.

    Also, there is a rather massive *well relatively massive... compared to what I have at least* lolita group in the Orlando/Tampa area. If you would like, and if you have a facebook, I can invite you to this group. They would be more than glad to help you out. O and there is a former brolita in that group. He may be able to answer your questions too.

  5. Thanks for the Tips, i booked marked the other blog ill go thought it later when i have time. As for the facebook thing, sure! I looked for you via name, but there are two "James Chiong" that are both in the military that pop up, both you? haha what one do i add? T.T im so confused.. i dont want to give out names or anything. Kinda tight lipped on the total info i put out on the web.

  6. Ah i should have mentioned that earlier. Look for the name "sema jg noihc".

    Its my name backwords :)