Saturday, February 11, 2012

A closet shift

Its not everyday I bid farewell to things. But not too long ago, the last major gothic piece in my lolita closet departed for a new home.

True. Gothic lolita is not totally gone from my closet. I still have a few minor pieces here and there and I can still very well slap a coordinate together. But Meta's Chess Party was the defining piece of my gothic closet. And so lets look back at the good times this dress and I had together.

These were taken at a Jacksonville tea party hosted by one of the Larp groups I was part of at the time. I forgot my contacts that day and this will be one of the few, if not only, time I wear glasses in a lolita outfit. Ironically this was the only dress to be worn to a non-lolita event for its first public debut.

 Taken at the first Savannah meetup I went to. 

 Trying to be sassy in this picture, taken at Animazement 2011

It was quite a tiring weekend at Metrocon. 

A fun photoshoot I did at the first Upstate SC lolita meet I went to. I couldn't choose just one picture so I chose several. 1) Rock climbing while showing off my rufflebutt in all its glory. 2) Just posing on a rock. 3) Still one of my absolute favorites, here we *Rachel and I* are puppets to Brandy. 4) I couldn't do a sexy picture so I gave em as cute a pose as I could do. 

In Chess Party's final hurrah, I wore the coordinate one last time for the Charleston meet I hosted. 

My beloved dress though found a new home. And my she makes it look super awesome. 

Ms. Grace chan, putting together two absolutely stunning outfits together.

I still have my dream lists for a revitalized lolita closet sometime in the future though. If I get the chance to put together a lolita closet again, here are some choice pieces I want to obtain:

Still number 1 on my overall dream list and gothic lolita list, Vampire Requiem is truly my gothic dream come true. 

Moitie's Alchemy print. 

Frill's Butterfly Bird Cage print

Frill's Ribbon Train Dress

Moitie's Silent moon

Gotta start collecting bonnets in more colors

That is just a quick list of things I would get if I was to restart my gothic lolita closet. Alas it probably will not happen for awhile though we will see where everything goes from here.