Saturday, February 25, 2012

Introduction post... Very. Belated. Intro post

So after going through all my posts, I quickly came to realize that I don't even have an introduction post introducing myself to everyone.

My name is James. Last name Chiong. But everyone just calls me Chiong, pronounced like Chong. Yes the i the silent. Its ok if you say my name as Chi-ong. Cause that is how it is spelled. But for the love of fairies, do not under any circumstances call me Choing. Its rather irritating.

I am 23. I know I may look 17. Seems to be the average everyone gives me. And I have gone as low as 13. Not that I truly mind. If I could stay young till I died, that would be awesome. But I am indeed of legal drinking age and able to go drink as I please.

Myself at the age of 17ish

Me at 23

Hahaha. Guess I really haven't aged.

My fashion is lolita. But hopefully you already knew that from reading my blog. Outside of lolita, my fashion is comfort, comfort, comfort. I never dress to impress. I have worn the same 3 pairs of jeans since gawd knows how long. And I prefer wearing my 5 faerie T-shirts to any other shirt in my closet. Not that there is much of a closet. 21 years of putting together a closet and my lolita closet outgrew that in 2 years.

I don't date. I don't flirt. Silly I know. How can someone ever choose to not want to date. But I suppose my parents raised me to always put school ahead of relationships. The problem was, they never taught me how to pursue the relationship. And I never did. By the time I hit 22, and being in the navy for a year, I decided that being single for life was the best available option for me until I leave the navy. Lets just say certain individuals lived up to the standard of "Asian money chaser".

I am Filipino by blood and taste buds. I LOVE Filipino food. Diniguan, lumpia, adobo, mango bean, pancit, palabok, sinigang. O the list goes on and on and on. Outside of blood and taste buds though, I am White. A very important fact to keep in mind: I DO NOT karaoke unless excessively drunk.

Primarily an archer

Though I am a warrior w/o a home, I am still a LARPer at heart. Formerly part of Way of the Sword *WotS* from Florida, I left them permanently when a misunderstanding blew up into a public humiliation. But that is a different story for a different time. Temporarily I align myself with Savannah's LARP group Avegost. And the results, though the same in some places, have been vastly much more positive. *once again, a different story for a different time*.

 But I have some game when it comes to hand to hand combat

I am eccentric but adaptable. Some days I am on top of my game, doing anything and everything as flawlessly as I can do them. And then there are other days where I cannot make anything go right and the day snowballs to hell. But I always attempt to adapt to the situation at hand. No matter what life has thrown at me, I have altered what I needed to make it work and make it past that obstacle or point in my life.

That is pretty much me in a nutshell. And yes Pecans are my favorite nut.


  1. James, you're too cool.
    Just so you know :D

  2. James is a human, who would have known someone that cute could have faults ^.~ (joke).

  3. Hi ^.^

    I hope you don't mind my posting here. I have looked over your blog and am actually rather envious. I've been a crossdresser since junior (a long time ago), but I have only recently found lolita type clothes in "You are WHAT size." I would love to get to know you and pick your brain for tips. I suspect I am probably more Ita than Lolita, but you have to start somewhere. What is the best way to contact you without posting an email for every Tom, Dick, and spammer to read?

    1. Everything just takes time. IMO its only ITA is more of an attitude than anything else. IE walking to a meet clearly not in the aesthetic and then telling everyone how not-lolita they are... I understand that people won't always meet the 'loli criteria'. Its a vastly expensive hobby and not everyone can afford to drop even $100 on a dress. Its when these people get a sense of "I know everything". Cause I'll tell you. I've been doing brolita for 2+ years now and I still am learning new things.

      Anywho, enough with the ita rant. I have a Fb. And a Lj.

    2. Don't just type in me name if you are looking for me on Fb. It'll bring up my dummy account. If you do have a fb, just let me know.

    3. Thanks! From my POV if I went to a meet, I'd likely describe myself as a Loli-noob. I had to learn about my feminine side on my own. I am not sure if I ever will get up the nerve to go somewhere in public. I am worried about the perception of 'creepy old guy' (I'm not like 60, but I'm not in my 20's either). Still I won't deny who I am anymore and even if I never go beyond a few close friends, I want try my best to be feminine, lolita or otherwise. Ok, I'll quit ranting too ^^;

      I did look on Facebook, but it looked like somebody from NYC so I gave up. My facebook page is pretty vanilla. I try to keep it quasi professional. I used to have LJ, but I don't even remeber my log in name anymore. If your Japanese is decent my email translates as 'highschoolgirl' . The last bit is English. I use aim if that works. My name there is the same without the hyphen.

      Thanks again. For the reply, the kindness of it, and for being willing to talk to somebody from out of the blue (or pink as the case be). I hope we can chat soon ^.^v

    4. type in Zyssea. it'll bring up my account. If you are unsure, it should be someone in a pink Chess Chocolate dress, blonde wig.