Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween + a recap of the my best week of 2011 + bonus outfit shots

2 more months before the end of 2011 and I have experience what will easily be ranked as my best week of 2011

*And yes if you were wondering, I have indeed experienced what was easily my worst week of 2011 back in June. But this is a different story for a different time.*

So to recap I received all new lolita gear for the upcoming season AND it was halloween. Follow me and we can look at them together.

Halloween 2011 was spent going to two parties. My costume was being a member of the Gothic Lolita armed forces :P Using a gothic outfit as the base, I added in a vest, sidearm, my larp spear, and my rifle *all of this was of course fake. I do not actually own any guns*

Headpiece: forever 21
Wig: Gothic lolita wigs
Blouse: In the Starlight
Jsk: Bodyline
Bag: Alley Artist find
Thigh highs: Spirit
Shoes: Bodyline

I cannot wait till next halloween, as the 365 day countdown starts now :3

With the upcoming winter season, I have been heavily buying up upgrades for my closet. They all arrived this week.

BtSSB's Unico in Bloomland

SS shoes

Bodyline boots

BtSSB Heart Buckles

Maxicimam coat

The coat and boots should help keep me warm this winter, as I experienced non-Floridian winters for the first time ever last year. It was something I was vastly unprepared for. And Unico in Bloomland, formerly a dream print of mine, now makes a great addition to my growing sweets closet. The SS shoes in white gives me a 2nd pair to use in my sweets coordinates. And the heart buckles, despite being beat up, are still comfy and will probably see time in casual coordinates outfits. 

Head piece - artist alley find
wig - gothic lolita wigs USA
blouse - In the Starlight
Jsk - BtSSB Unico in Bloomland
knee highs: Bodyline
Shoes -Secret Shop
The gem of this week, More than likely wearing this to my next meet.

Wig - Gothic Lolita Wigs USA
Coat - Maxicimam
boots - bodyline
thigh highs - Spirit
Head piece - artist alley find
Showing off my new winter gear.  The boots were a good fit, which I thought was surprising given that it was a 260 size from BL. But some research has revealed that BL really messed up their conversions and that they are up to 2 shoe sizes wrong on many pairs of shoes.

Wig - Gothic lolita wigs USA
tank top - Thrift shop find
over 'coat'- sixh
pants - sixh
shoes - Hush puppies
Bag - Bodyline

My continued attempts at the male look saw me attempt to combine elements of brolita with visual kei. Not very visible in the picture but I have on one of my VS bras to accommodate the wearing of my wig. The shoes, despite not being boots, helped round out the picture. I think if I wore this to a meet, I could wing it :)

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