Sunday, May 26, 2013

A quarter and 15 cents in and a look at 2013

Yes. Yes. I know. Its been forever since I updated. I've been busy. And not much has been going on. Nothing much worth noting anyways. In fact, life on the island didn't start to perk up until April and May. Follow me and lets find out whats been going on.

So I haven't talked much about my time on the island. In fact, looking back I haven't said a single thing about this wonderful paradise. So lets begin. Its Hawaii. Its got Waikiki, just one of the many gorgeous beaches here. I have gone snorkeling at Hanama Bay. I've attempted to surf at a beach (and much to my excitement, was able to ride 1 wave.)

The Ala Moana mall is one of the largest outdoor malls I have been to. And not only that, but they boast several unique stores that would make people drool. Ranging from Q-pot's accessories to Shirokiya's general japanese atmosphere to Lotus Bleu's sharp n sexy style + a variety of standard stock stores to satisfy my shopping desires.

The treats here are plentiful. Love macaroons but can't make em like me? So many places to get em. Lots of various different and 1 of a kind restaurants that you will never see outside of Hawaii. Of course, the reverse being true: this island lacks some franchises that you could find anywhere on the mainland... like Chic fil A. Or Olive Garden. But places such as Anna Miller's, Liliha Bakery, Genki Sushi, and Cha Cha Cha 2 Waikiki more than make up for it.

But most of all has been the redevelopment of my once dwindling gothic closet. Aided by non lolita additions, gothic clothing is once again making its presence known to the rest of my closet and I have since embraced it. Here are just a few of my purchases from the past few months.

My first buy. Hopefully the cornerstone piece to both the gothic and possible steampunk closet

A little something I bought in San Diego. My more down to earth dress I use when I can't use the former
A Hot Topic buy. I didn't realize the inner dress was so short. I have to actually be pretty self conscious about where the bottom of my inner dress is sitting at any given time.

And lets not forget about the absolutely awesome myriad of people I have met here. Everyone I have met has been just the absolute best at helping me love this island. And despite choosing not to live here in a couple years, I definitely plan to embrace the time I have here.

A lolita meetup at the Skalding House of art

Meeting new friends at Bar 35

So that's Hawaii so far in a nutshell. No idea when I plan on posting again. But when I do, you'll know :)


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