Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Closet update + favorite coordinates + dream list

A little bored and looking for something to write about. And I remembered that I had posted about my favorite dresses. But since there hasn't been much change I figured I would try something new: my favorite coordinates. Also, some new additions have made it to my closet, altering how my dream list as looked over the past few months.

As we all know, we all have a favorite print. And like all favorite things in life, we tend to use it more often than other things that may not be as favored. But all it takes is some proper coordination to really bring out the true potential of any dress. Take for example my Bodyline Alice dress. 

I obtained this in blue and pink, what I call the 'sister' dress to my BL carousel

When I first coordinated this print, I hated it. I thought I looked absolutely ridiculous. And to this day I still think that coordinate I did with this print is probably one of the worst I have done. So I ended up stashing this dress away and not using it for nearly a year and a half. I tried several times to sell it away but it never happened. But then, on July 4th, I pulled it out. Idk why. I was like 'I want to coordinate something' and my eyes went to this dress. Its amazing what a little coordination does to really make a dress make its way into your good graces. 

Nearly a year ago and some change ago. I think the shoes really ruined the outfit. Overall though I just wasn't pleased with how I put everything together. 

A year later and Alice makes her triumphant return. Better petticoats, better matching wigs and socks. No shoes but that is easily matchable.

And without further ado, its time to move onto my top 5 personal favorite coordinates:

Maintaining its spot above the rest, Night Fairy Fantasia continues to dominate.Taking the Jsk's two colors, I put together a coordinate that worked out better than I had hoped.

Next up is a coordinate you may easily remember. Worn at Frill and put together by my friend. I really liked the pink-lavender-white combination I had going but my personal favorite thing about this outfit was the horn. 

You know that saying that goes something like "you don't know how much you miss it until its actually gone?" I really miss Chess dress. What really skyrocketed this dress into my top 5 coordinates were the coordinates that Ms. Grace put together and really open my eyes to how beautiful this print truly was. 

This particular coordinate will always have a special place in my heart. This was the only true lolita outfit that has my natural hair and thus my natural cuteness in it.

Finishing up the top 5 is not the Alice dress but is instead Twinkle Carnival. It was a tossup between Aqua Princess and Twinkle Carnival but TC wins this round with additional of eye candy makeup that really help brighten up my face.

Speaking of Milky Planet coordinate, I have some new additions joining or having joined my closet. 

AP's Chess Chocolate. 

Frill's Bustle back + Train skirt

AP's Milky Planet

Of course with the arrival of a dream dress into my closet, it shifts the list of items. And lately I've had this hankering for getting colors outside of pink. Here's how my dream list is looking:

Still at number 1 is VR. But the colour way I want has changed. I will now only get this in lavender or ivory. 

Jumping back onto the dreamlist is AP's Aqua Princess. Only this time, I just want it in every colour way *mint, black, sax. In that order*

Tell me you aren't surprised that I find this dress gorgeous. I would absolutely love to add this to my closet. 

Still hanging around is Meta's Jewel Butterfly. There was indeed a direct auction for the entire set not too long ago but the bidding got crazy high *like $700* and I dropped out way before that. 

After I sold my skirt, I started to miss this print. But since I dislike skirts, I've put this print back on the dreamlist as a Jsk.

Well this concludes this update. Till next time :3

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